FleshGuys Fleshjack Reviews

Fleshjack Cleaning and Care Instructions

To ensure years of enjoyment from your Fleshjack, it is necessary that the insert is thoroughly cleaned and dried following each use. When sperm, lube residues and moisture remain in an insert for extended periods of time, mold and bacteria can build up in the inner canal, perhaps making your Fleshjack unusable.

Thorough Fleshjack insert and case cleaning

The Fleshjack insert needs to be removed from its case after each use and washed off with warm water. Both sides of the inner canal also need to be rinsed out. You then need to fill the canal with water again with both of the openings closed, shaking the insert up and down and emptying the water again. Properly done, all sperm and lube residues are thus rinsed out of the inner canal.

For highly textured Fleshjack inserts, the insert should be turned inside out so that you can use your fingertips to clean out the narrow spaces between ribs, chambers and the like. It is best to keep the time during which the insert is turned inside out to a minimum (3 to 5 minutes at the most). The reason is that over-stretching can damage the insert and perhaps, for example, weaken it against the threat of tearing.

The outside of Fleshjack case should then be cleaned and rinsed. Lastly, the back cap needs to be screwed off and cleaned separately.

No soap or cleansing gels

It is important not to use common oil-based soaps and cleansing gels to clean your Fleshjack insert. These oil-based products, after a few cleanings, damage the chemical makeup of the insert's natural-feeling, skin-like material, making it sticky and marring its appearance. It is therefore highly recommended to use an alternative oil-free and perfume-free soap instead. Conversely, any soap or cleansing product can be used to clean the Fleshjack case because no oil or soap can harm the case's hard plastic material.

Disinfecting the Fleshjack insert

The Flashjack producer recommends that their inserts are periodically disinfected, ideally with Isopropyl Alcohol (Propan-2-Ol) or manufacturer-produced Fleshwash, in order to kill any bacteria, germs, mildew and the like that can build up. Disinfecting your Flashjack insert every once in a while ensures that these potentially harmful substances have no possibility to grow.

When using Fleshwash, simply spray it (after rinsing the insert with water) into the interior and onto the exterior of the Fleshjack insert. After five minutes, the disinfectant will dry, thus killing off all germs, bacteria, mildew, etc. Make sure that you then rinse off all of the disinfectant residue in order to prevent skin irritation.

Thorough Drying of the Fleshjack insert and case

Thorough drying, in addition to thorough cleaning, of your Fleshjack insert is a must in order to ensure the durability of the product. After you have cleaned and disinfected your Fleshjack insert and case, it is important that you dry them off completely, inside and out, using a towel. Drying the inner canal is the most difficult part and thus it is best to return it to its case, leaving the caps on both sides open for a couple of hours in order to allow it to air dry.

To reduce the drying time, you can use a fan or hairdryer (nothing but cool air!). For more highly textured Fleshjack inserts, it is possible to use paper toweling, pulling it through the canal from end to end in order to soak up most of the moisture.

Applying talcum powder or Fleshlight Renewing Powder to insert surfaces

The soft, skin-like surface of your Fleshjack insert becomes a bit sticky and losses some of its suppleness after a couple of uses and cleanings. It is therefore recommended to apply 100% pure talcum powder or Fleshlight Renewing Powder to your insert following thorough cleaning and drying in order to preserve and revive the soft and silky insert surface.

Make sure to use 100% pure talcum only and never any oil-based products! And never apply common baby powder, as it contains perfumes that damage the soft, skin-like material of the Fleshjack inserts. Fleshlight Renewing Powder, available from the Fleshjack manufacturer, is specially designed to be applied to Fleshjack inserts for optimum Super Skin care.