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Fleshjack Components

Fleshjack Components and Structure

The Fleshjack has a basic, simple structure and is comprised of four components:

1) the Fleshjack insert (also called Fleshjack sleeve)
2) the Fleshjack case
3) a large front screw cap
4) a small back screw cap

1) Fleshjack Insert
The insert is the internal component of the Fleshjack and the butt itself. It is made of incredibly soft and skin-like material called Real Feel Super Skin that is remarkably flexible and elastic. The insert is placed into the Fleshjack case and is secured to a groove. The side wings of the back part of the insert take shape against the case wall, forming individual air chambers along the sides. The front part of the insert, which remains outside of the case and is designed like an orifice, forms the entrance to the inner canal. There is a wide range of various orifices and butt openings as well mouth openings. Most are castings taken from well-known gay porn stars and so the orifices look incredibly realistic. There is also an array of various inner canal textures that differ greatly in stimulation and appearance.

2) Fleshjack Case
The case, composed of hard plastic, is home to the insert. The case is designed so that the elastic insert retains its shape while ensuring that the necessary counter-pressure inside the canal is maintained. It is almost impossible to use the extremely flexible insert without the casing because it is way too elastic to be properly held. The Fleshjack case is opened at both sides with screw threads at the back and front. The caps can be screwed on at both sides so that the insert can be enclosed within the Fleshjack case. Once closed, the Fleshjack case resembles an everyday flashlight and thus can be discreetly stored. The finger grooves at the back are designed to provide a non-slip grip, ensuring that the case sits easily and comfortably in your hand.

3) Large Front Screw Cap
The large cap, which you screw onto the front side of the Fleshjack case, protects the outer part of the insert (that is, the orifice) against dirt, dust and other environmental substances when stored. The front cap, which you remove before using your Fleshjack, is only used for storage.

4) Small Back Screw Cap
The small back cap is designed to regulate the suction produced inside the inner canal. When you screw on the back cap completely, the suction level reaches its maximum. The further the cap is unscrewed, the more the suction level is reduced. This allows you to alter the degree of suction according to your own personal preference and gives you the opportunity to experience the stimulation of your Fleshjack in a whole new way.

Additional Fleshjack Insert and Case Images