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Fleshjack Original Review

Fleshjack Review and Rating - Original Texture

Compared with the other Fleshjack inserts, the Original sleeve appears to be a tad dull at first glance because the inner canal is totally smooth and untextured. But don't be fooled because when the Fleshjack producer ILF launched its first products in 1998 and in doing so revolutionized the masturbator market, all of its inserts had this Original canal.

Other inserts were developed a couple of years later, opening up totally new worlds of stimulation, with unique textures and varying canal diameters. These newer textures were not necessarily improvements but rather additions to and variations of the feel of Fleshjack stimulation. Still, the rating given to the Original canal is intentionally low so as to provide more transparent and useful comparison with the other newer textures.

The Original canal is currently available in combination with the Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass, Pink Butt and Pink Mouth orifices.

The feeling of masturbation in the Original insert, as it has been from the very start, is fantastically enjoyable and stunningly realistic - like fucking a real butt. The insert's smooth canal walls produce a continuously gentle stimulation that can be savored for quite some time before cumming. The canal measures 0.75 inches (or 20 mm) in diameter and provides an impressive combination of tightness and counter-pressure, rendering the experience remarkably close to that of fucking an actual butt. There is plenty of room inside the canal for the accumulation of vacuum, which quickly provides a wonderful suction effect.

Thanks to the untextured walls, the clean-up of the Original insert fast and simple. And, because the diameter of the inner canal is relatively wide, the drying time of the insert is also quite short.


The Fleshjack Original insert, in spite of the strong competition from other more highly textured Fleshjack inserts, is an excellent choice for Fleshjack beginners who would like to become familiar with Fleshjack masturbators. Other inserts can always be purchased later and fitted into the case of the Original insert. For Fleshjack customers who place importance on realism, the Original texture is very good way to go - after all, what butt-hole has distinctive ribs and bumps?


Intensity 1/10 Realism 7/10
Stimulation 2/10 Suction 4/10
Variation 1/10 Lube Use 8/10
Penetration 2/10 Cleanup 10/10
Tightness 1/10 Dry Time 10/10
Overall Rating