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Fleshjack Jacks Banana Cream Soda Review

Review: Jack's Banana Cream Soda - Mini-Swallow (Sex in a Can)

The canal of the Banana Cream Soda Sex-in-a-Can, called Mini-Swallow, is a down-sized version of the original Swallow canal of the Fleshjack series. The main difference is the length of the Mini-Swallow's main chamber which, at 4.3 inches (or 11 cm), is 0.8 inch (or 20 mm) shorter than that of the original. The inner diameter though, like the larger Swallow version, is roughly 0.6-0.8 inches (or 15-20 mm) in the main chamber and 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) in the tight back part of the canal.

There is a ring of 6 small rectangular bumps at the entrance of the canal, after which comes a dense texture of very closely placed cross ribs. Next, the canal widens into a cone-like shaped chamber covered with a ring of 6 wide flat-topped bumps. Following the end of the main chamber is a 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) tight canal with texture-less and smooth sidewalls.

The Mini-Swallow canal is available exclusively with the mouth orifice of the Banana Cream Soda Sex in a Can. With this canal, you unfortunately do not have the range of choices of differing mouth orifices that you do with the original Swallow texture of the Fleshjack series. The canal is packaged in a silver-colored can with the label "Jack's Banana Cream Soda".

Due to the reduced length of the main chamber, the back 0.4 inch tight canal is easily reachable even with a normal or shorter dick length of 5.1-5.9 inches (or 13-15 cm). Getting the full pleasure of the tight rear canal in the larger Swallow version of the original Fleshjack is only possible for guys with longer dicks. But with the Mini-Swallow, the transition point between the main chamber and the back chamber comes at 4.3 inches (or 11 cm) instead of the 5.1 inches (13 cm) in the original Swallow canal. For purposes of comparison, the two canals are depicted below in their actual proportions to one another.

The entry passage of the new Mini-Swallow canal, in practice, provides the same exhilarating sensation as the classic Swallow canal. The bump ring at the canal entrance creates some great point-by-point stimulations and then the dick dives into an amazingly intense and stimulating cross rib texture that ceaselessly impacts the dick surface. The head of the dick then comes to the back cone-like shaped chamber, where the 6 extremely soft bumps stroke enjoyably across the skin. Like with the original Swallow canal, a good deal of lube builds up in this chamber and thus it is wonderfully slippery and pleasantly warm in this texture part (as long as you warmed your lube beforehand).

The head of the dick then comes to the end of the chamber, which is followed by the transition to the tight 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) canal where a stimulating penetration sensation is triggered on the entire surface of the head. The head then becomes engulfed by the walls of the canal and you are rewarded with a fantastic feeling of tightness combined with an enjoyable and smooth sensation. When thrusting back and forth, the rings of bumps, the cross ribs and the tight back chamber work in alteration, thus providing you with a wonderfully varied messaging effect that brings you to a powerful orgasm.

Despite the fact that the width of the inner canal is the same as in the classic Swallow canal, the canal of the Mini-Swallow feels a lot tighter because the insert walls do not have the room to expand as much to the side. This is a result of the tighter maximum inner diameter of the case of the Sex in a Can, which is only roughly 2.8 inches (or 7 cm) compared to the 3.9 inches (or 10 cm) of the original. The counter pressure is thus increased, providing a stronger tightness sensation that also ensures increased noticeability of the canal's cross rib and bump textures.

In comparison to the original Swallow Fleshjack, the suction effect of the Mini-Swallow canal is somewhat weaker because not as much vacuum can accumulate inside the shortened canal. However, the vacuum that does accumulate is still plenty noticeable and additionally enhances the stimulation with a fine "sucking" sensation.

The cleaning of the Mini-Swallow insert is fairly involved and so it is best to briefly turn it inside out in order fully clean out all the sperm and lube residues in the main chamber. Because of the highly dense texture, drying takes a relatively long 3 to 5 hours that can be shortened by using paper towels for additional drying.


The Mini-Swallow canal of the Banana Cream Soda Sex in a Can will set your dick head aglow! Few inner canal textures are able to provide such intense and alternating stimulation. The original Swallow Fleshjack is undoubtedly outstanding but the Mini-Swallow takes it to new heights. While the suction effect is somewhat less noticeable and the options for differing mouth orifices is limited, the canal is noticeably much tighter, the stimulation of the textures are more intense and guys with averaged sized dicks (5-6 inches or 13-15 cm) can penetrate the entire length of the Mini-Swallow canal.

If the length of the original Swallow canal is too long for you, you really ought to get the Mini-Swallow. But, for guys with dick lengths of 6.7 inches (or 17 cm) and longer, the classic Swallow Fleshjack is the way to go.


Intensity 9/10 Realism 10/10
Stimulation 10/10 Suction 7/10
Variation 10/10 Lube Use 8/10
Penetration 10/10 Cleanup 7/10
Tightness 10/10 Dry Time 5/10
Overall Rating