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Fleshjack Jacks Cherry Pop Review

Fleshjack Review: Jack's Cherry Pop Soda - Mini-Squeeze (Sex in a Can)

For the insert of the Jack's Cherry Pop Sex-in-a-Can, the manufacturer ILF has downsized the original and realistic Squeeze canal, naming it "Mini-Squeeze". The length of the canal of the classic Squeeze Fleshjack insert has been shortened from 8.8 inches (or 22.5 cm) to roughly 6.9 inches (or 17.5 cm) for the Mini-Squeeze insert. The overall structure and diameter of the canal are similar to the larger Squeeze Fleshjack.

The canal begins with a tight 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) entrance passage that is covered with a soft cross rib texture. This is followed by a coil-like canal with a diameter of 0.5 - 0.6 inches (or 12 - 14 mm) with smooth and untextured sidewalls that wind "snake-like" throughout the entire length of the insert.

The Mini-Squeeze canal is available exclusively in combination with a Sex in a Can butt orifice, marketed under the name "Jack's Cherry Pop" and packaged in a silver-colored can. Illustrations of the Mini-Squeeze and Squeeze canals appear below, in their actual proportions, for purposes of comparison. The entrance passage of the new Mini-Squeeze canal is 0.8 inch (20 mm) shorter than that of the original Squeeze Fleshjack and the following coiled canal of the Mini-Squeeze comes after 1.8 inches (45 mm) rather than after 2.6 inches (65 mm) in the original.

Penetration into the comparatively thin diameter (0.2 inches or 5 mm) of the Mini-Squeeze canal creates an extremely intense sensation of tightness and is much more noticeable than the strong tightness sensation of the original Squeeze version. Thanks to the smaller casing of the Sex in a Can (maximum diameter of 2.8 inches or 7 cm compared to the 3.9 inches or 10 cm of a classic Fleshjack case), the material counter pressure is also better because the walls of the insert are not able to expand as much as to the sides as they are in the original.

This results in increased noticeability of the cross ribs of the entrance passageway that brings about a fantastic massage to the head of the dick, engulfing it upon penetration just like a real butthole. When the head then reaches the main coiled canal, the entrance passageway wraps firmly around the dick shaft, rendering an extremely realistic feeling.

The tightness sensation wanes a touch in the coiled canal section, kicking off a pleasantly smooth sensation thanks to the level untextured walls of the canal that intensifies upon each pass-through of the canal. Depending on the way in which you turn the can-shaped casing, you are able to feel these waves at the top and bottom or the left side or right side of the head of the dick. The coiled canal section produces a sensation very similar to that of the classic Squeeze Fleshjack but it is slightly tighter.

The suction effect offered by the new Mini-Squeeze canal is a bit weaker than in the original Squeeze Fleshjack because less vacuum can accumulate in the 2 inch (or 5 cm) shorter canal. Still, a fair amount of suction is continuously noticeable that enhances the overall stimulation.

Like the classic Squeeze texture, the more compact Mini-Squeeze texture is also comparatively easy to clean off because relatively smaller amounts of lube and sperm residues can build up in the nearly texture-less canal. Because of the comparatively tight diameter of the canal, the drying time takes some 3 to 4 hours.


The Mini-Squeeze canal of the Cherry Pop Sex-in-a-Can provides a wonderfully realistic anal sex sensation that feels fabulously tight. In comparison to the larger Squeeze version of the classic Fleshjack, the tightness sensation provided by the Mini-Squeeze canal, especially at the entrance passageway, is much more intensely perceptible. However, as a result, the suction effect is not as pronounced and there is not as wide a selection of differing butt orifices as there is with the Fleshjack series.

The Mini-Squeeze canal is certainly recommendable for guys with normal (5.9 inches or 15 cm) or shorter dick lengths. But if your dick is bigger and longer than 6.7 inches (or 17 cm), you are advised to go with the classic Squeeze Fleshjack because the Mini-Squeeze canal will likely prove to be too short and too tight.


Intensity 7/10 Realism 10/10
Stimulation 9/10 Suction 5/10
Variation 10/10 Lube Use 8/10
Penetration 10/10 Cleanup 8/10
Tightness 10/10 Dry Time 6/10
Overall Rating