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New Fleshjack Boys textures

12 Nov 2013 - New Fleshjack Boys with exclusive inner textures

Last year the manufacturer ILF launched an online survey in which Fleshjack fans were able to vote for the next Fleshjack Boy. Three of the survey's six favorite boys have just had their own Fleshjack masturbators released. In addition to these new orifices, three all-new exclusive inner textures are also newly available.

The new Fleshjack Boys are:

Donny Wright - Nirvana
(spiral texture with distinctive zig-zag ridges)

Nicco Sky - Twilight
(multi-chamber texture with deep cross-ribs and bumps)

Spencer Reed - Glory
(multi-chamber texture with various types of bumps and ribs)

An actual overview can be found here: New Fleshjack Boys

New Fleshjack Flight Navigator and Instructor masturbators

12 Mar 2013 - New Fleshjack Flight Navigator and Instructor masturbators

Fleshjack producer ILF simply never stops "coming out" with new and innovative products to add to its ever-expanding product range. The most recent novelties are two all-new inner canal textures of the Fleshjack Flight, a down-sized adaptation of the original Fleshjack that was introduced to the market last year.

The new inner textures have been named Navigator (offering a tapered-bump texture with an extremely tight rear canal) and Instructor (boasting a texture of large bumps reminiscent of the Stamina Training Unit texture). These all-new sleeves are enclosed in white casing, rather than the black color of the original, making the Flight look a lot like a medical gadget thus providing an even more discreet appearance. Also new is an optional screw cap, designed to provide a place for semen accumulation, which is available for the Flight Navigator. It is certainly possible that this new breakthrough could become the future standard for the collection of cum in Fleshjack products.

For additional information, click here: Flight Instructor / Flight Navigator

Fleshjack Shower Mount

24 Jan 2013 - Hands-free enjoyment with the new Fleshjack Shower Mount

The recent release of the all-new Fleshjack Shower Mount, which is designed for hands-free Fleshjack usage, marks yet another clever product development by the innovative ILF team.

The Shower Mount can simply be screwed onto the back of the Fleshjack case, in place of the small rear screw cap, and then be attached to flat smooth surfaces using a suction pad. It is a matter of simply pressing the suction pad onto the surface and pushing the vacuum lever from the right to the left. The result is extremely strong suction between the suction pad and the surface to which the Fleshjack Shower Mount is then firmly affixed. In addition, the Fleshjack Shower Mount has a lockable swivel joint that can be easily and freely used to adjust the angle of penetration. The air vent hole located at the back of the screw connection cap ensures the optimum air flow in the inner canal.

In order for the Fleshjack Shower Mount to be properly mounted, it is a necessity that the selected surface is completely smooth. The best surfaces therefore are, for example, glass shower doors, wall and floor tiles, refrigerator doors and panes of glass. The suction pad can also be attached to wooden furniture but only if the surface of the furniture is completely smooth and very well polished. Furthermore, in order to attach the suction pad to typical wooden furniture, it is also necessary to have a round 3.9 inch (or 10 cm) sticker (it must be larger than the suction pad) that is stuck onto the wooden surface first and then the suction pad can be securely attached to the sticker.

The free-hands use of the Fleshjack Shower Mount adds a significant amount of realism to the overall stimulation and really should be experienced. The Shower Mount attachment works remarkably well and is an extremely useful accessory that no Fleshjack connoisseur should have missing from his collection.

For additional info concerning the Shower Mount, click here: Fleshjack Shower Mount

Mick Lovell Fleshjack

01 Nov 2012 - Fleshjacks of Belami star Mick Lovell now available

Yet another new hot guy has been added to the Fleshjack Boys series by the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF. His name is Mick Lovell, a new rising star of the well-known gay porn producer Belami. Additional information about Mick Lovell and a video gallery can be found here: Mick Lovell at Belami Online

As usual, there are three new Fleshjacks available (one Mouth Fleshjack and two Butt Fleshjacks) and a mold of Mick's fantastic cock has been cast in order to produce a silicone dildo. But the biggest news is that an all-new inner canal is now available combined with his butt orifice. The name of the inner canal is "Revel" and it offers a multi-chamber texture with plenty of variously sized bumps that run spirally throughout the entire inner canal.

For more details about the all-new Mick Lovell Fleshjacks, click here: Mick Lovell Fleshjacks

Fleshjack Sale 15% Discount

12 Oct 2012 - Fleshjack Sale - 15% off all Fleshjacks

The official Fleshjack shop website at Fleshjack.com is currently offering discounts of 15% on all Fleshjack products. This is an opportune time to purchase Fleshjacks for fantastic prices. Orders totaling more than $100 will be shipped (by UPS) free of charge within the continental United States!

Happy shopping at Fleshjack.com

Marcus Mojo Fleshjack

06 Aug 2012 - Marcus Mojo - a new Fleshjack Boy has been introduced

A new Fleshjack Boy has recently been introduced by the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF. His name is Marcus Mojo and he is an exclusive gay porn star of the Next Door Boys network. He also has his own homepage which can be found here: MarcusMojo.com

Exact molds of Marcus Mojo's butt, mouth and dick have been cast and now three new Fleshjacks and a new silicone dildo are available. His mouth Fleshjack has the Swallow canal and his butt Fleshjack is available in combination with the classic Squeeze canal or the all-new Marvel canal. This Marvel canal is Marcus Mojo's own exclusive texture and offers five cone-shaped chambers combined with a cross-rib texture.

Here is the link to his Fleshjack page: Marcus Mojo Fleshjacks

Fleshjack Flight

02 Mar 2012 - Fleshjack Producer ILF releases Flight Masturbator

The wait is over - Fleshjack producer ILF has just released the Fleshjack Flight masturbator. This new masturbator is roughly 2 inches shorter than your ordinary Fleshjack, making it a handy and easy to transport alternative. With the inner texture of the Flight, the Fleshjack manufacturer has not broken new ground but has simply come up with a compact version of the Destroya canal, the top inner canal texture of the entire Fleshlight Girls Series. Due to the shortened length (some 6 inches in total), guys with an averaged sized dick are able to reach all of the texture elements throughout the full length of the canal.

The new Fleshjack Flight was designed to be inconspicuous and is thus a practical choice, especially when on the road. The Flight is smaller and lighter than an ordinary Fleshjack and the spiral shape of the opening was also intentionally designed to be discreet. And the transparency of the insert (like that of the Fleshjack Ice) also adds to the Flight's inconspicuousness. I could well envisage that the Fleshjack Pure, which was previously designed with discreetness in mind too, will soon be replaced by the Fleshjack Flight.

For a review about the new Flight masturbator, click here: Fleshjack Flight

Fleshjack Flight Masturbator announced

03 Feb 2012 - Fleshjack Flight - A New Masturbator on the Way

The Fleshjack producer ILF has announced it soon will be launching a new masturbator on the market under the name Fleshjack Flight. Fleshjack Flight will be slightly smaller than an ordinary Fleshjack and, thanks to its newly designed case, will have a more modern look. The new Fleshjack Flight insert will most probably be transparent (like those of the Fleshjack Ice series) with a discreet opening and the inner canal is to be fitted with the highly rated Destroya texture.

It is expected that the Fleshjack Flight will be released in late February or March of this year. A short promotional video of the new product has already been posted on the official Fleshjack shop website: Fleshjack Flight

Update: A prototype of the Fleshjack Flight was unveiled at the XBIZ Retail 2012 trade fair. You can check out the accompanying video (starting at 1 minute 38 seconds) by clicking here: http://www.xbiz.com/news/news_piece.php?id=144026

Fleshjack Boys from Next Door Studios

21 Oct 2011 - Next Door Studios Stars Now Fleshjack Boys

The Fleshjack manufacturer ILF has announced that it recently added three stars from the renowned Next Door Studios to their impressive group of Fleshjack Boys and in so doing, has launched three brand new Fleshjacks, each offering an all-new inner canal texture.

We are all happy to see that ILF is continuing to expand this popular product line and these new releases now bring the total number of currently available Fleshjack Boys to 12. These newest Fleshjack Boys - Cody Cummings, Austin Wilde and Samuel O'Toole - all became famous from their appearances in Next Door films.

As is common with all Fleshjack Boys, the cocks, mouths and butts of these three studs have been cast and are now available within the Fleshjack Boys product line. The Swallow canal is used in the three mouth orifices and the Squeeze canal is used in the butt orifices. In addition, a different inner canal texture for each of these guys has been released, each available exclusively in combination with the butt orifice of the respective Fleshjack Boy.

The three newly released inner canal textures are as follows:

Cody Cummings - Untouched
(a multi-chamber texture offering rectangular, flat bumps)

Austin Wilde - Eros
(a multi-chamber texture offering lengthwise and crosswise ribs and bumps)

Samuel O'Toole - Tooleboxxx
(a multi-chamber texture offering X-shaped bumps and spiral ribs)

For more details about these new Fleshjack Boys, click here: Fleshjack Next Door Boys

Fleshjack Sword

24 Aug 2011 - Fleshjack Sword - An all-New Masturbator in a Squeezable Case

An all-new masturbator employing an entirely new operating concept has been released by the Fleshjack producer ILF. Unlike an ordinary Fleshjack, this case is not made of hard plastic but rather of squeezable material, allowing you to tighten the inner canal diameter by squeezing and thus raise the stimulation intensity level as high as you like.

In the effort to make the Fleshjack Sword as easy to squeeze as possible, the case has been designed a bit smaller and thinner than a typical Fleshjack case, is triangular in shape and looks like the handle of a samurai sword, which is why the manufacturer named it Fleshjack Sword. Like a regular Fleshjack, the Sword consists of a soft removable insert, made of Real Feel Super Skin material, that is housed in a case. This masturbator, the insert of which offers a new texture with many variously sized and bumped chambers, is easily tightened simply by squeezing.

The Sword is currently available only with a butt orifice and only within the Fleshjack product line. If this new operating concept proves to be a hit, other such canals will be released fairly soon.

A review of the Fleshjack Sword has been posted; have a look here: Fleshjack Sword Review

For more details, go to the official website of the manufacturer: Fleshjack Sword

Fleshjack Boys BelAmi Models

20 Aug 2011 - BelAmi Stars Added to the Stable of Fleshjack Boys

The day has finally arrived! The Fleshjack producer ILF has added just world famous BelAmi boys to their impressive lineup of Fleshjack Boys. The four new additions - Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Dolph Lambert and Jean-Daniel Chagall - are all under exclusive contract at BelAmi, one of the world's leading gay porno film production companies.

Molds of the cocks, butts and mouths of these guys have all been cast and three new Fleshjacks - two butts and one mouth - have been created for each of the four. The mouth orifices all come with the Swallow texture and for the butt orifices, you have a choice - either the Squeeze texture, which is similar to the Forbidden texture, or one of the four newly created and personalized canal textures.

The four newly released inner canal textures are as follows:

Kris Evans - Vigor
(a meshed cross-ribbed texture)

Kevin Warhol - Charmer
(a ribbed multi-chamber texture)

Dolph Lambert - Delight
(a gently bumped and ribbed texture)

Jean-Daniel Chagall - Paradise
(a distinctive wavy texture)

I am particularly intrigued by the Paradise canal and the Charmer canal and am anxious to see what they will feel like in action. I have some testing to do and will post the resulting reviews soon.

For more details about these newly added Fleshjacks, click here: Fleshjack Bel Ami Boys

Fleshjack Pure

12 Mar 2011 - Fleshjack PURE Just Released

There's more good news to report. The Fleshjack producer ILF has just released a brand new Fleshjack texture called PURE, which is now available on company's shop website. The concept of the design has to with "being discreet". At first glimpse, the product looks nothing like a sextoy, which can help you avoid potentially awkward situations, making it an ideal travel companion as well.

In addition to an all-new opening, the inside offers a new texture of zigzagged ribs and distinctive waves. I just received my new PURE and the review will be coming soon.

More info about the new PURE texture can be found here: Fleshjack Pure

Fleshjack Ice Icejack

22 Feb 2011 - Fleshjack ICE with New Crystal Texture Out Now

It's finally here - the ICEjack with the all-new Crystal texture is now on sale. My ICE Fleshjack has been delivered and I wasted not time testing it out. You can read my review here: Review Fleshjack Ice Crystal

The Crystal canal offers a fantastic multi-chamber system that provides a wonderfully intensive and stunningly diverse stimulation and has deservedly secured a top ranking in a number of categories.

Not only does the ICE provide a phenomenal stimulation effect, you can also see your dick going at it through the transparent material of the Crystal canal, a nice product feature idea.

For additional info concerning the all-new Fleshjack ICE crystal, click here: Fleshjack ICE

Fleshjack Icejack Crystal

14 Nov 2010 - New Inner Canal Texture for ICE Inserts Coming Soon

The Fleshjack ICE product line is soon to be completely revamped by manufacturer ILF. This will entail the discontinuation of the seven Fleshjack ICE inserts currently available, which will be replaced by a single, newly developed inner canal texture to be marketed under the name “Crystal”. The canal will contain numerous chambers, ribs and bumps in various sizes. From what I can gather, it seems the new structure will be very interesting and I will test the new ICE sleeve as soon as I receive my sample and will post a review.

For more details, click here: Fleshjack ICE at Fleshjack.com