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Fleshjack Jacks Gape Soda Review

Fleshjack Review: Jack's Gape Soda - Mini-Stamina (Sex in a Can)

The Jack's Gape Soda of the Sex-in-a-Can series is available with its own butt orifice and its own texture called Mini-Stamina. The orifice, which has the appearance of a slightly opened butthole, has a diameter of 0.3 inches (or 8 mm) and is thus relatively wide when compared to the Jack's Cherry Pop Sex in a Can.

The inner canal, with a diameter of 0.5-0.6 inches (or 12-15 mm), is covered with many 0.2 inch (or 6 mm) wide bumps that extend through to the end of the canal. The canal was given the name Mini-Stamina because the dimensions and placement of the bumps are similar to those of the Stamina Training Unit (or Fleshjack Endurance); the difference is that the length of the Gape Soda's canal is shorter. For purposes of comparison, the Mini-Stamina and Stamina canals appear together in their actual proportions in the illustration below.

While it is relatively easy to penetrate the comparatively wide butt orifice, the Gape Soda Sex in a Can provides a nice tightness sensation due to the funnel shape design although the penetration sensation is somewhat less intense than inside the Jack's Cherry Pop. After penetrating the canal, the bump texture places continuous and enjoyable pressure on the head of the dick, producing numerous point-by-point stimulations that impact the surface of the penis from all directions, providing a superb messaging effect. The intensity of this messaging effect provided by the bump texture is similar to that of the Stamina Training Unit.

Because of the lessened space in the Sex in a Can, the canal is not able to expand as much to the sides as in the larger Fleshjack case and so the counter pressure inside the Mini-Stamina is greater. The result of this is that the tightness sensation is stronger and the bump texture is more noticeable than inside the Stamina Training Unit. Due to the tighter and smaller canal, the suction effect of the Gape Soda Sex in a Can is less intense than inside the larger Stamina insert.

Cleaning the Gape Soda masturbator is a bit tedious as a lot of residue gathers among the bumps. It is thus necessary to thoroughly rinse out the canal and then to manually clean the bump interstices. The time required for drying is a roughly average 4 to 5 hours.


The Jack's Gape Soda's Mini-Stamina canal provides an extremely intense stimulation along with an enjoyable feeling of tightness that is reminiscent of the Stamina Training Unit's Stamina canal. This Sex in a Can is especially recommendable for guys with a penis diameter of 1.6 inches (or 4 cm) or less because the stimulation brought about by the bump texture and the feeling of tightness is more noticeable than in the larger Stamina insert. The intensity of the penetration sensation is however lessened due to the comparatively wide orifice, plus the suction effect is somewhat less noticeable.


Intensity 10/10 Realism 3/10
Stimulation 10/10 Suction 7/10
Variation 7/10 Lube Use 6/10
Penetration 5/10 Cleanup 7/10
Tightness 8/10 Dry Time 7/10
Overall Rating